3D testing

After playing around with some math, I created a 3D-software engine with JavaScript that operates on a HTML5-canvas. This guide was really helpful: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/davrous/archive/2013/06/13/tutorial-series-learning-how-to-write-a-3d-soft-engine-from-scratch-in-c-typescript-or-javascript.aspx It is a working solution with a step-by-step tutorial. When I got stuck at some point in the matrix-multiplication, I adopted their math-library to fit my own environment and removed thingsContinue reading “3D testing”


Using math to draw different shapes & stuff… Cos & Sin Triangle using Cos & Sin Hyperbolic Spiral Winds faster towards the pole Archimedean Spiral Constant speed & angular velocity Logorithmic Spiral Distance grows in geometric progress Logorithmic Spiral Using another pitch-factor (20°) Hypotrochoid Circle rolling around the inside of another circle Patterns using Hypotrochoid

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