Budo – serve files with https

I am currently doing some experiments with AR and sometimes it will require https to work. To run a https server for simple prototyping without enabling SSL in apache, generating certificates and/or other stuff that can take some time to get working, I finally found a simple node.js package named budo! https://github.com/mattdesl/budo After installing it globally, IContinue reading “Budo – serve files with https”

Game Project – Refactoring started

When returning to coding after a lot of 3D-modeling, I felt that the project needed improvements. Earlier, I´ve designed every project/part as a ‘room’ in The Nest and gave it one dedicated file containing all room-specific JS (not including libraries for 3D etc.). This project is now up in about 5000 lines, so I hadContinue reading “Game Project – Refactoring started”

Game Project – Synchronizing

20151026-20151030: Node.js Last week I started reading about node.js while searching for multiplayer-solutions: http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/a/60440/73841 I wanted to try faster alternatives to MySQL for real-time updates about every objects position. After setting up a server and writing a smaller server-side-version JavaScript, I´ve decided to import needed code from the project through an http-call. In that wayContinue reading “Game Project – Synchronizing”

Game Project – Three.js

20150913: Three.js So, I got tired of spending too much time on my own WebGL-engine and decided to give three.js a try since it appears to be quite a complete library for WebGL and it´s already been a big inspiration. Now when I need more materials, importing meshes from Blender, UV-mapping for textures, lookat-functions forContinue reading “Game Project – Three.js”

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