The Nest (v2.0.0)

20160609 – 20160906 Refactored the whole Nest into a module-like JS-application. Some of the changes include: Structure Essential functions like handling images, are now defined in separate source-files as dedicated objects, attached to TheNest. They are then bundled and minified at production. Console Instead of just logging debug-info to the browser-console, it now contains aContinue reading “The Nest (v2.0.0)”

Beta ready Everything is now rewritten into: PHP: For server-side instead of ASP. AJAX: For dynamic page-requests. No more endless reloading into frames for every click. HTML5: HTML5-Audio & HTML5-Canvas replaced all flash. JavaScript: To alter DOM after AJAX-operations (load new content and replace the previous page), drawing on Canvas (all graphics), control when to playContinue reading “Beta ready”

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