Game Project – Nest-oil facility

New building in progress This building will be used as a facility to gather “oil” from The Nest, the important component used in all creations of buildings and life. The first two weeks was mostly about modeling different objects to use in the construction (girders, steel-beams, gears & chains). This last week, I´ve assembled everythingContinue reading “Game Project – Nest-oil facility”

Game Project – 3D Modeling (Factory)

Spent this week modeling a factory. 20160208: Started off with an 8x8x8 area with a backbone-pipe. 20160210: Made 6 backbones more in a circle around the center (like a hexagon) and added a bridge around an elevator. 20160211: Added walls at each backbone to surround each floor. 20160212: Decided to make each floor x2 inContinue reading “Game Project – 3D Modeling (Factory)”

Game Project – Orthographic Material #2

20160125-20160131: After some testing and reading, I saw that people were changing the rotation angle to 30° (60° in blender) instead of “true isometric” 35.264° so that the surface would have a 2:1 pixel ratio. I decided to leave the rotation in “true isometric” and instead correcting with an edited aspect ratio (1:1.157) in theContinue reading “Game Project – Orthographic Material #2”

Game Project – Orthographic Material

20160111-20160117: After taking some time off, I just wanted to setup an orthographic 3D camera to get the same isometric view that I´m working with in 2D. First I needed to rotate the camera 54.736° around the X-axis or “Pitch” so that the camera would “look down”. Then I could rotate my objects 45° aroundContinue reading “Game Project – Orthographic Material”

Game Project – 3D Modeling (Head)

20151228-20160103: 3D Modeling, Head I´ve been modeling a head earlier (using photos at my wife as reference) so I had some experience with creating a human head in Blender before attempting to model my own head. I will use my head later as a base when modeling some creatures. (First thing will be to removeContinue reading “Game Project – 3D Modeling (Head)”

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