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Tree Collider

Tool for generating colliders for trees created using the built-in Tree Editor.

This package will let you add a new component called TreeCollider. It will use data from the tree and generate a mesh collider or capsule colliders for each spline. You may store colliders on the prefab or generate them temporary during play.

Available on the Asset Store

How to use:
– Create a new Tree
– Add the component: Physics/TreeCollider
– Change settings using the inspector so that the collider fit your needs

Capsule mode
Every spline on every branch will be used to create capsule colliders. (Needs to be pre generated for builds)

Mesh mode
A collision mesh will be extracted from your tree mesh (bark) to create a mesh collider.

Pre-generated colliders
If enabled, existing colliders will be kept.
If not, colliders will be replaced with generated colliders during play.

Target layer
What layer the generated colliders should have.

Target material
What physics material the generated colliders should have.

Trigger zone
Another component that can be added to only enable the colliders if a collider with the specified layer is inside the trigger zone. This feature can be a way to reduce the amount of active objects in a scene.



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